Medical waters

In the immediate vicinity of the city center of the municipality of Srebrenica, there is the famous site Guber, in whose complex there are springs of healing water and a picnic area.

Izletište "Guber"

Izletište Guber ima svoje posebne vrijednosti što dokazuje svakodnevno veliki broj izletnika. Izletište predstavlja omiljeno izletište kako Srebreničana tako i banjskih gostiju. Staza koja vodi do izletišta prolazi kroz mali kanjon koji je obrastao četinarskim i listopadnim šumama te daje posebne ambijentalne vrijednosti ovom kraju.

Izletište "Guber"

What to see

Srebrenica is a city more than 2,000 years old, which has preserved the continuity of its existence to this day and has a number of attractive tourist potentials. Choose your way of discovering the beauty of this city and its picturesque atmosphere.

Nacionalni park “Drina”

Nacionalni park „Drina“ posjeduje izuzetne prirodne vrijednosti. Osnovne vrijednosti su staništa endemičnih i reliktnih biljnih vrsta, prije svega Pančićeve omorike te klisurasto- kanjonska dolina rijeke Drine i njenih pritoka.

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Lake Perućac

This lake stands out from the others in our country because it is one of the cleanest lakes in these areas. What still sets it apart, and also makes it very popular with tourists, is its geographical position and the possibilities that a stay on it provides, that is, the incredible natural resources in its surroundings.

Lake Perućac


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